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Infertility is not a disease, It is merely a failure of couple as whole to step in
PARENTHOOD, due to several factors. Having said this, it can be due to choosing
an inappropriate time of intercourse that does not lead to pregnancy, stressful
lifestyle, hectic work schedule, alcohol consumption and sleep deprivation to name some.
At AAROGYA we deliver our brand name. We aim at understanding, caring and
healing the sadness of childless couples by making happy families. The joy of
Parenthood is priceless but the journey becomes tough at times. At AAROGYA
we not only aim at successful conceiving but take the complete
ownership of gestational care and safe deliveries.

With a success rate of 55-60% and treating 5000 couples over 2 decades,AAROGYA has outshined as one of the leading and most affordable infertility centres in Delhi/NCR.

“Your leap of faith in us helps us assure your leap in to the next phase of your life” #PARENTHOOD


Our IVF treatment centre in Delhi NCR offers complete help to couples who are unable to conceive naturally.


Best ICSI treatment in Delhi is done with sperms which are obtained from any of the following sources at our centre:


IUI (intrauterine insemination) may be a valuable treatment for ladies who have irregular cycles (mostly polycystic ovaries) or for couples who have to use donor sperm.

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The doctor may ask you for additional information in order to prepare the ambulance. The ambulance is already on its way during this phase and the doctor .

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