How We Stand Apart

1. Individualized approach:- When it comes to infertility treatment, the best IVF centre is one that treats patients as unique .You can count on us as we understand the requirement of every couple based on their case history and suggest a solution oriented treatment rather a generalized one. We have made it top of the list when it comes to IVF centres in Ghaziabad and adjoining areas.

2. No Breach of confidence:- Infertility is still a social stigma. Backed by the best pool of IVF specialists in East Delhi/ Ghaziabad our experts make sure that all your apprehensions are taken care of and a complete confidentiality of information exchanged with our team is maintained. We aim at making your experience a pleasant and secure one.

3. Least medical expenditure: – Aarogya IVF centre has a vision of making healthcare equally accessible and affordable. There is nothing more depressing than a feeling of not been able to afford the treatment. We offer low cost IVF-ICSI treatment in Delhi, Ghaziabad and adjoining areas. To assure qualitative treatment we minimize the medicine expenditure, which further minimizes the side effects of infertility treatment

4. Highly Equipped Labs and Operation Theatre :- The quality of air in IVF labs has a major role in deciding the success rate of IVF Treatment. People who smoke require twice the number of IVF attempts, when compared to non smokers. It clearly proves the role of air purification in forming healthy embryos.

Aarogya’s technologically advanced labs ensure the quality index of air required by embryo with the help of Hepafilters.

CODA Tower makes the VOC (Volatile Organic Compounds)presence minimal hence leading to bacteria free environment which further leads to highest pregnancy results as embryos are highly vulnerable to infections, especially when it comes to blastocyst (5 th day embryo).

Our BENCHTOP INCUBATORS Define, Monitor and constantly create an optimal environment for human embryos. Benchtop incubators are individualized incubators and are used to store embryos separately and not in clusters. It’s easy to track individual embryo development with the help of real time graph in Benchtop Incubators.

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